Govt. Approved Recruiting Agent (RL-532

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The agency continues to recruit qualified Bangladeshi workers for deployment abroad, provide them financial assistance, transportation, accommodations and training.


Dallas Overseas conducts job fairs, advertisements and man to man recruitment to pool qualified Bangladeshi workers for overseas deployment.


It is the company’s policy to provide financial assistance by paying the expenses for pass porting, medical examination, fare and other miscellaneous expenses of its applicants on a case to case basis.


Free shuttle services are provided for the applicants by the time they had arrived in Dhaka. They are fetched at the bus station; ferried from the office to the bus station; ferried from the office to the clinic where they will undergo medical examination; transported from the office to the Pr-departure Orientation Seminar and finally shuttled to the airport.


While waiting for their flight schedule, applicants are provided free board and lodging accommodations.


The applicants also undergo actual in-house training to prepare them for domestic chores and to adapt themselves to the kind of jobs given to them by their would-be employers.


For the next five years, the company plans to expand its recruitment activities aimed at providing opportunities to qualified Bangladeshi workers to work abroad. To this end, additional branches shall be established in the different parts of the country.

The agency is also prospecting to open its deployment in Hong Kong and other part of Southeast Asia’s, Europe and USA considering the fact that the foreign employers prefer Bangladeshi workers. This is due to the fact that some of overseas Bangladeshi workers are conversant in the English language.