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Managing Partner:

Dear Visitors,Manager

I take this opportunity to introduce our Agency by the name M/S Dallas Overseas as an experienced, modern, and efficient and front line overseas recruiting agency in Bangladesh. Our sincerity and ardent services blended with highest standard of professionalism has earned us much sought after global appreciation, trust and poise. Densely populated Bangladesh possesses the immense possibility to help in developing the economic structure of those countries who are acutely suffering from shortage of right workforce.

M/S Dallas Overseas was established on 10th December, 1996 as a consequence to grab the outstanding opportunity of global manpower market. Dallas Overseas has more than sixteen years of serving in manpower recruiting field. According to demand by our different clients company has recruited over 40,000 workers for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Libya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam,  Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Yeamen, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Laos, South Korea and Bahrain.

We do believe “People is Resource”, we have placed our entire attention in mining the best out of the persons and fill in them a sense of responsibility.  As such we have established technical training and testing centre to transform people into human resource.

Trust us; we can mobilize the right personnel for your company in conformity with your needs at reasonable price. We have more, than we said.

We hope, this website will provide an opportunity to visitors to share extensive information and know more about this company. We also feel that it is essential to open the door to getting access to information and thereby ensure companies one of the values ‘Transparency and Accountability’. We welcome valuable comments on our expertise and any other information so that we can see ourselves in other’s eyes.

This website will be updated regularly; therefore, your any sort of suggestions for improving this site will be highly appreciable.

Let’s try to take the global opportunity to mobilize the manpower’s for improving the employee and as well for the country. Our company and its professional staffs will always be at your service.

Best regards,




Mr. Raj

Managing partner